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Car parks take a huge amount of wear and tear over their lifespan just from regular use, but if you do not maintain them properly, they may well have a significantly reduced life expectancy.

Hazardous waste, chewing gum, and carbon monoxide penetration can all damage tarmac surface areas if not cleaned up properly, and a regular clean or a deeper one-off clean can make a huge difference in helping your car park last as long as possible.

That is where our car park cleaning services in Biggleswade come in!

We are a team of experienced car park cleaning professionals with a real passion for the cleaning process.

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Our team are dedicated professionals, with far more knowledge about car park surfaces and keeping them well maintained than any less specialised cleaning contractor can promise.

So, if you are interested in learning more about our cleaning service in Biggleswade, read below or just get in touch with us for a free quote for a one off clean or a regular plan.

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Why Use Us?

We are accredited car park cleaners in Biggleswade, able to clean your car parks to all local and national safety standards year-round.

We offer a time convenient and effective cleaning service for oil spills, dirt, grime, petrol, and hazardous waste carriers, and we have never had any dissatisfied customers.

First impressions count, and keeping your car parks clean ensures your customers do not have to deal with a poor parking experience, offering them a good service and helping to prevent reduced revenue even before we get to the stringent health and safety requirements for car parking areas.

With our cleaning services, you can rest easy in complete peace of mind, confident that your multi-storey car parks, parking areas, or block paving car park floor zones are all perfectly clean and inviting for customers.

We have over 10 years of experience in cleaning car parks and have helped thousands of car park clients across the UK to make a favourable impression on their customers.

We bring this vast experience to bear on cleaning away dirt, oil and grime stains and build-up before long-term damage begins, and we can even offer emergency cleaning services to our business clients.

We are competitive on price whilst never compromising on the quality of our cleaning services.

For a free quote, contact our Biggleswade team today, and we will help you to get a cleaning service booked!

How much does Car Park Cleaning Cost?

Car park cleaning service costs can vary but usually start at around £120 for most normal-sized car parks.

The cost of cleaning a car park depends on several factors such as the size of the area, the level of dirt and grime build-up, the location of the car park, whether we are using a pressure washer or a steam cleaner, and whether there are any additional requirements other than cleaning the floors.

How Much Does car park cleaning cost?

Our car park cleaning prices in Biggleswade are some of the lowest on the market, and we can work to fit your budget as needed.

Get in touch with our team today, and we can put together a free, zero-obligation quote for getting your car park clean!

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Types of Car Park Cleaning Services

There are many different methods for cleaning car parks available as part of our service.

Each option is suited for a different environment or situation, from resin decks cleaning to removing graffiti from concrete building walls.

The different cleaning methods and services all make use of different equipment, all of which is carried by our business team and available for use in any location.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular services our business can offer.

If you are interested in any of these or something more niche, contact our team today!

Period Cleaning Biggleswade

During regular use, even the highest quality car park builds up grime and dirt, particularly around elevated areas.

Exhaust soot, oil stains, algae, and other types of dirt all start to cover the concrete and paved areas, and a regular car park cleaning service can make a huge difference to the lifespan and appearance of the car park.

Low pressure washing with pressurised water is usually a core part of this, applied on a regular basis.

One Off Deep Cleans Biggleswade

A regular clean is important, but sometimes, a deep clean can be what you need.

Some of the grime that builds up whilst your car park is in use can be hard to clean off with pressure washing, and your business will sometimes need a thorough steam clean with more powerful equipment to deal with that.

Emergency Cleaning Biggleswade

Major incidents can cause safety problems and serious risks to your customers. Hazardous materials can spill, or large oil slicks can cause problems.

It does not matter how high quality your regular car park cleaning service is; sometimes, you need someone to carry out an emergency cleaning service for your safety and security.

We can do that for you, bringing all of our equipment for an emergency high-quality clean for your business.

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Graffiti Removal Biggleswade

First impressions are important, and graffiti markings on the walls of your car park can be very bad for business.

One of our most popular services is graffiti cleaning, and we can get your car park looking brand new and untouched quickly and easily.

Contact our team for more information on our graffiti-cleaning service.

Bird Dropping Hygiene Cleaning Biggleswade

Birds make a mess. That is just an unavoidable fact of life, particularly in urban centres.

Fortunately, bird droppings are easy to clean with a bit of professional help.

We can clear bird droppings away with ease, and this is one of the most popular car park cleaning services in our portfolio.

Flood Response Biggleswade

A flood can be a major problem, and even when the water subsides, the mess and damage caused by it can create a safety hazard.

If your car park gets flooded, contact us immediately, and we can help you to fix this before the problems get any worse.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Car Park Cleaned?

There are many benefits to engaging the help of a professional car park cleaning service.

The biggest of these is safety: excessive grease or hazardous waste spills can endanger your customers and visitors, and it is important to keep things clean and safe.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Car Park Cleaned?

Appearance also matters: when people arrive at your business, the car park is the first thing they will see, and a dirty car park will give a poor first impression.

Thirdly, good maintenance and regular use of car park cleaning services will help your structures and surfacing to last longer.

A build-up of dirt and grease can damage concrete in Biggleswade, and keeping it clean will help it to have the longest lifespan possible.

Why is it Important to Keep Car Parks Clean?

Grimy, dirty car parks are unwelcoming, and people tend not to feel safe there.

Keeping your car park as clean as possible helps it to look welcoming and friendly, attracting customers and encouraging people to feel safe in the area.

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How do you Clean Car Parking?

The first step in cleaning a car park is to clear the space. All cars need to be removed from the area before it can be cleaned.

Then, as the next step of our car park cleaning service, our team will inspect the car park floor and find out what sort of specific cleaning is necessary.

Once it is clear what sort of cleaning is necessary, the appropriate equipment will be gathered, and the actual cleaning can begin.

What is Car Park Cleaning?

Car park cleaning is a general term referring to all of the different options that can be used for cleaning car parks.

This includes pressure washing, steam cleaning, and chemical cleaning of the car parks and their floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you Remove from Car Parks?

Car parks should be kept as clean as possible.

Graffiti, algae, exhaust marks, oil, and bird droppings are just a few of the things that our team can remove from floor surfaces and walls in car parks.

What Equipment do you use to Clean Car Parks?

Our car park cleaning service uses a range of different equipment on a regular basis.

Primarily, this consists of pressure washers and steam cleaners, but other tools are employed as needed.

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How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Car Park?

In general, cleaner services should be brought in for car parks about once every six months.

In some cases, you might need to do so more frequently if your facilities are experiencing particularly heavy wear and tear or unusual damage.


Our services for keeping car parks clean are among the best in the entire country.

We can maintain and deep clean any car parks of any size for clients anywhere in the country, all at a very reasonable price.

If you are interested in the services we offer in Biggleswade, get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quote!

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